At Kohon Designs, We Believe the “Details” Are Our Success Story.
We create interiors, which are functional and timeless, growing the potential of your home or commercial property. Modern or classic, we design spaces conducive to work, rest or play for homes, spas, hotels or commercial offices. Our approach is different to other designers because we prefer to involve the client at every stage of the project. From selecting colors and fabrics to spatial planning, we work in partnership with the client.

Kohon Fireplace

Special Feature Designs:

Whether it’s a custom fireplace design or large feature wall you need to find the perfect solution for, Kohon can solve your problem using leading edge design. We provide our clients with conceptual drawings of the proposed design to help them visualize what the finished product will be.

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Selection of Products and Finishes:
Color plays an important role in every product decision in your home, whether you're trying to decide on wall color, countertops or furniture. Color is the first thing we respond to when we enter a room. It not only affects the environment we live in, but also affects the way we feel. At Kohon Designs, our role is to help you assess your color environment and achieve harmony in your home through color and design.

Space Planning:
Space planning can create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space and is often the core of interior design. At Kohon Designs, we will create your personal space using elements of design and effective problem-solving techniques. Our services also include determining the most efficient and functional use of space in your home. We will customize a space planning solution for you and your family that will provide you with the most comfortable living environment.

Lighting Design:
Lighting has always played an integral role in the interior design process. Unfortunately, it’s one of those design elements that is usually downplayed during the initial planning. The exciting news is that we can help you understand the importance of selecting proper lighting for your home. Lighting design takes into account the orientation of your home, and the quality of light delivered to its different areas throughout the day. If you have artwork that is light sensitive, want to be able to create different moods in different areas of your house depending on the time of the day or social situation, Kohon Designs can help you.

Window Coverings:
Kohon offers a wide selection of custom window coverings and draperies to suit any décor.