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D & R Phibbs

Sheila acted as our designer and often ‘General Contractor’ providing guidance on all our interior decor matters relating to a very extensive renovation we undertook starting 2011. She provided invaluable guidance in regard to color schemes, furniture selection, flooring and tiling, painting, lighting and accessories, and even provided guidance on selection of our required trade professionals. This renovation involved a complete redesign of the interior of our home.

We are ecstatic about the results Sheila achieved. It is a true testament to her talent that relatives, friends and guests who visit our renovated home continually comment on the inspiring impression it has on them. She is very confident and creative.

It was a pleasure to work with Sheila. While she has definite opinions in regard to all decor related issues she LISTENS to the client and works hard to understand the needs of the client. She is an honest, open and beautiful person and very comfortable to work with.

We would characterize our renovation as a “high end” project. A substantial investment was committed to the renovation including the interior design and the decor package. So while the budget was substantial Sheila always looked for good value when making product recommendations. We came to see her as a very practical interior decorator who can deliver good value for both modest and high end projects. The desire to provide good value to her clients was also apparent in her time management and flexibility on the project. She was very professional and understanding of our own busy schedule and we always felt that we were getting exceptional care and value.

In summary we would strongly recommend Sheila to handle your interior decor project.

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