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Greg McDAnnold

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sheila Hahn of Kohon Designs. I was asked to list a heritage property in Glenora and knew that the property required some interior decorating advice prior to getting it on the market. The property was lovingly restored to 1908 with heavy antiques and dark finishings which obviously would appeal to a very limited market. I asked Sheila to provide some advice with respect to how we might go about getting the property to look ‘lighter’, more ‘current’ and to present in away that would appeal to a broader market. The property had previously been listed for 147 days with very few showings and no real interest … it was obvious that some things needed to change!

Sheila and her crew arranged for painting, ‘refreshing’ and staging to present a much brighter and more contemporary look and feel to the property. Sheila went well beyond the call of duty and worked under very tight timelines and budget constraints. In the end, Sheila presented a property that was saleable. I received many comments from realtors who stated that they could not believe it was the same property.

The property had 6 showings over a two week period and sold in under 30 days in a much more difficult market than when previously listed. I believe that the success of the sale was due, in part, to the advice, expertise and commitment that Sheila showed to the project.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sheila to anyone looking for a committed, hard working interior decorator with a keen eye for both detail and value.

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